The purchase and sale of real property is a complex legal process. It is highly recommended that an attorney explains potential issues, help you to navigate through the different steps of the process, reduce inherent risks, and provide you peace of mind that your valuable investment is protected. Mrs. Ramos can represent clients throughout the entire real estate purchase or sale process in Florida and assist with:

a. Draft and Review of the Real Estate Contract or Letter of Intent

b. Negotiations Process, such as handling modifications to the contract and inspection requests

c. Review of Condominium or Homeowner’s Association Documents, such as the budget, finances, and declaration/bylaws

d. Draft, Review and Modification of Leases and Assignments

e. Tracking Deadlines and Extension requests

f. Review title documents, such as title commitments and searches to ensure clear title

g. Preparation or Review of sales documents, such as warranty and quit claim deeds, affidavits of title, and bills of sale

h. Preparation or Review of closing settlement statements

i. Review of loan documents

j. Attendance at closing with clients or on behalf of clients