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The success story of Mr. Ruiz and the cancellation of his deportation

At Noelia Ramos Law, we have worked with many processes to cancel deportations, such as our client Erick Ruiz. We took special care in putting together the application and preparing the documentation presented to the immigration judge. Erick Ruíz is another of our happy clients with a ruling in his favor. We continue to hand […]


The achievement of our clients is our most tremendous success. That is why under challenging times, we want to share joyous moments like these: when our client Ann Brittingham and her family received Permanent Residence in the United States, an experience that filled us with emotion and satisfaction. The experience of Ann could be your […]

Welcome to the US!

Do you want to become an American Citizen, as Ms. Beltrán did? Have you been undecided by factors such as time or English? Don’t keep putting it off! Yes, you can! We advise and guide you throughout the process.

Welcome to our new US Resident

This week, we are pleased to represent Mr. Cervantes on his removal proceeding at the Immigration Court in Orlando, Florida. Moments like these reaffirm me because I enjoy my work! New beginning! Way to go, 2020! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your story! Congrats!