The E-2 Investor Visa, a unique benefit at your fingertips

The E-2 nonimmigrant visa allows a national of a country with a commercial treaty to be admitted to the United States when investing capital in an American company. You can extend the benefits to employees. To qualify for the E-2 visa, you as a treaty investor must:• Be a citizen of a country with which […]

The happy results for the Abea family

For our dear Marlon Abea, we obtained a permanent residence petition based on his marriage to an American citizen. Happily, for this new family, we also managed to get the Green Card for their children. At Noelia Ramos Law, you and your family are the most important thing. Achieve your dream of living legally in […]

Maribel Gutiérrez, a new USA Citizen

The road for our client Maribel Gutiérrez has been long but always stepping on firm ground with our advice. For her, we first processed a labor certification that granted her the benefit of permanent residence. Then we managed an investor visa. Today Maribel is a happy American citizen, and to top it off, we assist […]

Permanent Resident for Mr. Armando Molina

All the cases we attend to are different, some more complex than others. Our goal is to resolve each immigration situation with the knowledge that we have acquired over the years, like our dear Armando Molina, a happy permanent resident with the benefits granted through the Cuban Adjustment Law. This may be your case. This […]

Ms. Daniela Altamar and her new Business

Our esteemed client Daniela Altamar is today the happy bearer of an investment Visa that we process for her. We also advise her on the purchase and structuring of her business. Achieve your dreams and build the life you want in the United States for you and your family, with the help of Noelia Ramos […]

The success story of Mr. Ruiz and the cancellation of his deportation

At Noelia Ramos Law, we have worked with many processes to cancel deportations, such as our client Erick Ruiz. We took special care in putting together the application and preparing the documentation presented to the immigration judge. Erick Ruíz is another of our happy clients with a ruling in his favor. We continue to hand […]